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Company fractionated quartz sand

Sand production

Fractionated quartz sand TM Geoquartz is a multifunctional, high-quality material that is always used in the chemical, metallurgical, gas and oil, glass industry, public utilities and the construction of modern water treatment plants. Fractionated quartz sand TM Geoquartz, mined in the quarries of Ukraine, goes through a complex processing cycle: it is washed, cleaned of impurities, enriched and then dried. Quartz sand for water treatment undergoes additional calcination. In production, we use various deposits of sand.
The production of quartz sand TM Geoquartz has several main stages: extraction, purification, drying, fractionation, dosage and packaging. Primary quartz sand undergoes a process of cleaning from debris, gravel and clay inclusions by washing with water. Sand washing is carried out in hydroseparators or in any other way. Drying quartz sand is the first necessary step in preparing sand for future use. The sand is dried in specialized drums in which only gas burners are used.

Sand fractionation

The next important stage of production is the fractionation of dry quartz sand or the division of sand according to the grain composition. The separation of sand grains into fractions occurs by mechanical vibration through sieves. Sand becomes fractionated by passing through cells of a certain size on a sieve. Grains of sand are divided in size and are graded in the range from and to. Each fraction is characterized by its particle size distribution, i.e. the percentage of grains of sand of one size or another (diameter in mm). These parameters can significantly affect the properties and quality of products, as well as the quality of work using quartz sand.
Fractionated quartz sand of small fractions is mainly used for the production of building materials, dry mortar, fiberglass concrete products, abrasive materials. Fractionated quartz sand of medium fractions has a wider scope in the production of a variety of filters for water treatment plants, housing and communal services, swimming pools, as well as the purification of petroleum products in the oil industry. Highly durable quartz sand is a tool for a variety of sandblasting operations. Also, dry fractionated sand of medium fractions is used for the manufacture of dry building mixes, self-leveling floors, many types of facade and interior plasters, in landscape design, as well as for the construction of football fields and various sports grounds.
Fractionated quartz sand of large fractions is usually used for the manufacture of textured paving slabs, soundproofing blocks, is a part of many building materials, and is also used for decorative purposes for dumping (landscape design) and as a filter material for quartz filters.


Advantages of fractionated quartz sand TM Geoquartz:

  • high strength and resistance to mechanical, chemical, weathering;
  • structure uniformity;
  • high intergranular porosity, which gives quartz sand a large dirt capacity and provides excellent sorption capabilities.