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About us

We are TM «Geoquartz»

The company ТМ “Geoquartz” is a part of the industrial and construction group «Kambio-Invest» and is engaged in cleaning the quartz sand from impurities, its drying, fractionation and packaging on the basis of the Kherson region Kardashinka field.

Quartz sand of Kardashinka deposit is a raw material for ceramic, glass and construction industries. Kardashinka deposit of quartz sands is in the Kherson region with quartz sand reserves of more than 80 mln. Tons. The color of the sand varies from light yellow to pale yellow.

The company is constantly improving manufacturing processes and the production of quartz sand production of high quality raw materials with minimum expenses satisfying the current and future needs of industries such as glass, construction, foundry, porcelain and ceramic.

Products of TM «Geoquartz» meet the requirements of NSTU C.2.7- 131: 2007 «Building materials. Quartz sand. Technical conditions» and has all the necessary documents proving its quality characteristics.

The production capacity of the enterprise is 30 thousand tonnes of fractioned sand per year.


The delivery of quartz sand is realized by car and railway. The sand is released in big bags and sacks.

The release of the produced production is performed by LLC “KMD “Kambio”. Their main task is to develop long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with each client.