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Sand for filters


Quartz sand for filters is the most widespread filter material. It is caused by the fact that it is essentially free of clay and impurities that can be leached into the water passing through the filter material.It differs from ordinary sand due to its monomineral features, uniformity of structure, low intergranular porosity. This feature makes quartz sand indispensable for swimming pools and various industries as it has a high retained capacity, durability and mechanical and chemical influences.

The main sphere of quartz sand activity is chemical water purification from salt manganese or iron. Before quartz sand for mechanical filters is suitable it must be purified by calcination. It removes dirt and impurities from the sand and gives the opportunity to get the material corresponding to all the norms and standards. For water purification quartz sand of different fractions is used. It depends on the size of a filter and its power.

The lifetime of high-quality sand for filters can be up to 8 years on condition that the filter is properly installed. In addition if it is cleaned in time you can extend the lifetime of the sand.



q0Fraction 0,1 ÷ 0,3 mm
q1Fraction 0,3 ÷ 0,6 mm
q2Fraction 0,6 ÷ 0,8 mm
q3Fraction 0,8 ÷ 1,0 mm


q4Fraction 1,0 ÷ 1,2 mm
q5Fraction 1,2 ÷ 2,0 mm
q6Fraction 2,0 ÷ 3,0 mm
q7Fraction 3,0 ÷ 5,0 mm


(Other factions can be made according to an individual order)


_meshokContent of SiO2 – 99%

Packaging: Multilayer sealed bags of 25 kg. Delivery of materials carried in bags on pallets, wrapped with several layers of polyethylene strapped with steel cables. Pallet -1200 kg (48 sacks of 25 kg each).

Multilayer sealed big bags of 1000 kg.


Minimum batch: 25 kg bag

Maximum batch: unlimited