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Sand for GRC

Fractionated Quartz Sand for Fiberglass Concrete

We offer high-quality sand for fiberglass concrete (GRC) from the manufacturer at the lowest prices.

The minimum lot is 25 kg. When ordering from 5t, 20t, 500t – wholesale prices!

To order, call 0 800 330 917 (Free Hotline). We will answer all your questions.



q0Fraction 0,4-0,8 mm


(Other fractions can be made to order.)


_meshokContent of SiO2 – 99%

Packaging : 25 kg multi-layer sealed bags. The supply of materials is carried out in bags on pallets, wrapped in several layers of plastic film and tightened with steel bundles. Pallet – 1200 kg (48 bags, 25 kg each).

Multilayer tight big bags of 1000 kg.

Minimum order: 25 kg bag

Maximum order: Unlimited