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Sand for sandblasting

Fractionated quartz sand for sandblasting

We offer high quality sand for sandblasting from the manufacturer at the lowest prices.

Minimum lot is 25 kg. When ordering from 5t, 20t, 500t – wholesale prices!

Payment methods and delivery: Cash and bank transfer. Delivery throughout Ukraine from a warehouse in Odessa.

To order, call 0 800 330 917 (Free Hotline). We will answer all your questions.



q0Fraction 0,1-0,3 mm

q1Fraction 0,1-0,6 mm

q2Fraction 0,1-0,8 mm

q2Fraction 0,3-0,6 mm

q2Fraction 0,5-1,2 mm

q5Fraction 0,8-1,8 mm

q6Fraction 1,0-3,0 mm

q7Fraction 2,0-4,0 mm

q7Fraction 3,0-4,0 mm


(Other fractions can be made to order.)


_meshokContent of SiO2 – 99%

Packaging: Multilayer sealed bags of 25 kg. The supply of materials is carried out in bags on pallets, wrapped in several layers of plastic film and tightened with steel bundles. Pallet – 1200 kg (48 mesh, 25 kg each).

Multilayer tight big bags of 1000 kg.

Minimum batch: bag 25 kg

Maximum batch: unlimited