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TM «Colormin» – colored natural minerals


TM “Colormin” – sand, pebbles and rubble of various colors and fractions.

This is a unique and versatile material on the Ukrainian market. Products are surprising

opportunities in the spheres of application and color palette – over 50 colors and

shades. You can customize the color palette based on your

wishes and needs. Orders for painting are carried out under catalogs RAL

or on customer’s samples. All products are environmentally friendly and absolutely safe

for good health!

Areas of use:

  1. Road surface
  2. Polymeric and self-leveling floors
  3. Landscaping
  4. Mosaic plaster
  5. Children’s creativity
  6. Aquarium
  7. Decor
  8. Floristics
  9. Sandboxes

Thanks to the used color technology, the minerals of TM “Colormin” are resistant to:

  • Water
  • Temperature differences
  • Light
  • Salty air
  • Acidic precipitation