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Colored gravel

Colored gravel is a key material used in the landscape design. Consumption of colored gravel is growing every year since its application is very diverse.
Today colored gravel is used in various spheres of activity.

Finely fractioned colored gravel is increasingly used for the production of anti-skid in the areas of bus stops, pedestrian crossings, walkways, stairway groups and it is perfect in coating platforms for disabled people.


Our color gravel is special for its:

  • Chemical resistance;
  • High resistance to weather conditions, ultraviolet – abrasion and mechanical damage;
  • Homogeneity of the material;
  • The absence of organic contaminants;
  • High aesthetic quality and the guarantee of color repetition


Fractions of colored gravel

Granulation of our colored rubble is constantly selected according to customer requirements.

The following fractions of gravel are available in permanent sale:

Fraction 2,0 – 5,0 mm


Fraction 5,0 – 10,0 mm


Fraction 5,0 – 15,0 mm

blue-ciel gri magenta menta mov negru ocean orange pietre-galbene rubin urzica verde-crud

(Other fractions can be made according to a customer requirement)



Packaging and delivery

Packaging: Multilayer sealed bags of 1 kg, 5 kg and 25 kg. Delivery of materials is carried in bags on pallets wrapped with several layers of polyethyene strapped with steel cables. Pallet – 1200 kg (48 sacks 25 kg each).

Multilayer sealed big bags of 1000 kg.