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Color pebbles

Color pebbles are used for landscaping and decoration of various objects.

The field of colored pebbles’ application is quite extensive and goes far beyond ordinary imagination. From flowerpot to flower bed – you will find the use of colored pebbles wherever your imagination leads you.

At the same time it does not matter whether you are just an amateur gardener or a representative of a major design agency. The extensive color range of color pebbles contains basic popular colors and their various shades.

Covering rubble can be either a glossy (shiny) or matte. Whatever color you choose its brightness and richness will attract people for years and arouse neighbours’ envy.

The products are not harmful to the environment, ecologically and safe for human health.


Fractions of colored pebbles

The following fractions of colored pebbles are available in permanent sale:


Fraction 5-10 mm;

Fraction 10-20 mm;

Fraction 20-40 mm.

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Packaging and delivery

Packaging: Multilayer sealed bags of 1 kg, 5 kg and 25 kg. Delivery of materials is carried in bags on pallets wrapped with several layers of polyethylene strapped with steel cables. Pallet – 1200 kg (48 sacks of 25 kg each).

Multilayer sealed big bags of 1000 kg.